A solution for every creative challenge

Each organisation has its own challenges when it concerns creativity. That’s what we can help you with!
Below is an overview of the things we can do for your company. Don’t hesitate to contact to further discuss these options!

Test yourself!

Take the FREE online test and receive a report with personal results and full of useful tips!

Test for teams

Ideal for your team or organisation. Including reports for all participants ánd a tailor made group report! The reports will even include your company logo and branding and the best tips specifically for your organisation.


The results of the test and tips for your organisation will be discussed in an active in-company workshop (approx. 3 hrs)


In our different trainings we will work on the 4 aspects of creativity in your organisation! Based on the scores from the creativity test we will make sure the training is best tailored to the needs of your organisation.


We will facilitate your brainstorms and other creative sessions in an interactieve way, for optimal creative success in your organisation.


Looking for a enduring creative organisation? We will advise you on what you can do yourself to make this possible!

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Request tailor made reports for your organisation

Our Creativity Test comes with a personal report for every one that takes the test. If you are interested in introducing the Creativity Test in your organisation, we can tailor this report exactly to match your organisation’s needs.

Tailor made based on:  

  • Your company logo and company branding
  • Graphs with results for each individual ánd for total scores by team
  • Additional explanations to the results, specifically for your organisation
  • Useful tips to help your organisation becoming even more creative

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us for discuss the best options for your challenge!