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Our Creativity Test will provide you not just with the insights into your own creativity but also the creativity of your team and your company. The results are an excellent starting point for a valuable discussion about your company’s level of creativity.

The questions focus on the most important elements involved with your individual creativity as well as that of your team and organisation. That is why the test touches upon the following 4 aspects:

1.         Your personal attitude towards creativity.
2.         The influence of team behaviour on creativity. 
3.         How the leadership style of your manager influences creativity. 
4.         How your company fosters creativity. 

This Creativity Test is targetting employees working who report to a manager. If you are self-employed or working in a small business, then some questions might be more difficult to answer. If you are a manager, please consider answering the questions from the perspective of your employees.

It is important that you take sufficient time for the test. There are 72 multiple choice and 6 open questions to answer. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete the test.

We will send you your personal results via email, meaning that at the start of the test we ask for your name and email address, which we will only use for the purpose of this creativity test. The report is packed with information and tips! That is how the Creativity Test will help to get the discussion on improving creativity in your company started. And this will make everyone happy!

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